Brisbane Ranges National Park

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Brisbane Ranges National Park Victoria

Brisbane Ranges National Park Victoria

The popular Brisbane Ranges National Park is located just over an hour’s drive from Melbourne Victoria Australia and takes you to the richest wildflower habitat found in the state of Victoria. The Brisbane Ranges National Park is set in a low range of mountains dissected by rocky gullies, the unusual geology has preserved plants that have long since vanished from other parts of the region. There are a number of options for bushwalking ranging from short walks to three-day walks with the Burchell Trail being the best-known bushwalk in this area. This park is also popular for picnicking, scenic drives and camping.

To access Brisbane Ranges take the Western Highway to Bacchus Marsh or the Princes Highway toward Geelong – it is  located 80kms west of Melbourne,

Thompsons Road and Reids Road provide the best access to the northern end of the National Park while the Geelong-Ballan Road provides the best access to the Southern end of this National Park.

Please note that campsites must be booked in advance including sites on overnight bushwalk along the Burchell Trail.

The Burchell Trail bushwalk is a great way to see both the Steiglitz Historic Park and Brisbane Ranges National Park. You can star this walk from the Steiglitz Courthouse or the Boar Gully Camping Area, the walk follows orange track markers and uses a combination of existing walks, management tracks and public roads.

Overnight camps on the Burchell Trail are located at the Old Mill Campsite and Little River Bush Camping sites – advance bookings and payment are required year round.