Great South West Walk Victoria

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This walk if approximately 250km in duration, and not for the inexperienced. But for those who do attempt, it is a stunning walk that offers excellent camping opportunities. The Great South West Walk Victoria starts and ends in Portland Victoria, initially heading north to the Glenelg River, then along the coast towards the South Australian border, then east back to Portland. The Great South West Walk was established in 1981, and is located predominately in the Barwon South West region of Victoria. Much of this track passes through the Lower Glenelg National Park, the Cobboboonee National Park, the Discovery Bay Coastal Park, the Mount Richmond National Park, and the Cape Nelson State Park. The entire walk will talk you 12-14 days to complete, however, sections of the track can be completed independently with 1-2 or more nights camping. A popular short part of the Great South West Walk is located with the Lower Glenelg River Conservation Park in South Australia near Donovans.

  • Camping Portland
  • Camping Cubbys Creek
  • Cut-out Campground
  • Cobboboonee Camping
  • Fitzroy River Camp
  • Camping Moleside
  • Camping Post and Rail
  • Camping Murrells
  • Pattersons Campground
  • Simpsons Campsite
  • White Sands Campground
  • Lake Monibeong Campground
  • Camping Swan Lake
  • Camping The Springs
  • Camping Trewalla
  • Camping Mallee