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peppermint ridge camping area
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Peppermint Ridge Camping Area

Peppermint Ridge Camping Area The Peppermint Ridge Camping Area Victoria Australia is accessed of Big River Road, and is app. 700 metres north of Fenchmans Creek campsite. The Peppermint Ridge campin
blue gums camping area mallee
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Blue Gums Camping Area

Blue Gums Camping Area The Blue Gums campsite is located in the Big Desert State Forest in Victoria’s north west. The free bush camping areas are spread out in a large, open area south of Mallee
Big Billy Bore Campground
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Big Billy Bore Camping Area

Big Billy Bore Camping Area   The Big Billy Bore campgrounds are located in the Big Desert Wilderness in the Mallee Country, north west Victoria. It is accessed along the Murrayville-Nhill Track,
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The Springs Camping Area

The Springs Camping Area   The Springs Camping Area is a small camp ground in the Big Desert Wilderness, north west Victoria. It is located approx. 15 kilometres south of the Big Billy Bore camps
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Moonlight Tank Camping Area

Moonlight Tank Camping Area   The Moonlight Tank campground is the smallest and most basic free camping site in the Big Desert Wilderness, Victoria.  It is located 10 kilometres south of The Sp
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Broken Bucket Camping Area

Broken Bucket Camping Area The Broken Bucket campsite is located in the southern section of Big Desert Wilderness Area, Victoria. Access is signposted along the Murrayville-Nhill Track, approximately
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Lake Becking Camping Area

Lake Becking Camping Area The Lake Becking camping ground is situated in the Murray-Sunset National Park in the Mallee region of Victoria, Australia. It is located approximately 16 kilometres north o
Mount Crozier Camping Area
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Mount Crozier Camping Area

Mount Crozier Camping Area   The Mount Crozier camping ground is located in an arid, sandy area of Murray-Sunset National Park, Victoria. Because of the soft surface, access is limited to 4WD ac
brooks river reserve camping
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Brooks River Reserve Camping

Campground Brooks River Reserve Campsites To reach the small campsite at Brooks RIver Reserve Victoria Australia head north-west out of the nearby samll town of Alexandra on the Maroondah Hwy and turn
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Rocket Lake Camping Area

Rocket Lake Camping Area   The Rocket Lake camp grounds are free campsites in the north east part of the Murray-Sunset National Park, Victoria. Located next to Rocket Lake, the campsite can be r
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Pheenys Track Camping Area

Pheenys Track Camping Area   The Pheenys Track campground is located in the western section of Murray-Sunset National Park, north west Victoria. It is a remote part of the national park, access