Camping With Dogs
camping with dogs victoria australia

Just because you are going Camping Victoria, doesn’t mean that Fido has to stay at home.


However, sometimes it does as quite simply dogs are not allowed to camp in National Parks in Victoria, and may commercial operators of caravan parks simply don’t allow dogs in their parks.However, if you are going camping where dogs are permitted in Melbourne, there are a few simple rules to follow. Camping with Dogs Victoria

Underbool Recreation Reserve Camping

Underbool Recreation Reserve Camping

Most national parks across Australia and indeed the world, don’t allow dogs and other pets to be taken into them or conservation reserves. It should be noted, that dogs even in your car or on a lead are also not allowed into National Parks in Victoria. Assistance dogs, or dogs that provide support for people with disabilities, are generally exempted and are generally allowed to accompany their handlers into national parks and reserves.

To ensure that you and all other guests enjoy your camping adventure in Victoria please always ensure that as a dog owner you take full responsibility for your pet and ensure they do not disturb other guests when camping. In general terms, we recommend the following:

  • Please consider the need to take your dog camping before you travel. Consider the location, the car trip, other people.
  • Make sure dogs are allowed at the campsite before you go, remembering that many commercial operators and national parks nad reserves simply don’t allow dogs.
  • Under no circumstances allow you dogs in amenity blocks or campers kitchen
  • If you are camping at a commercial caravan park, don’t allow your dogs in cabins, unless it is specifically a dog-friendly cabin
  • Noy everyone likes dogs – some people, and small children are scared of dogs. Control your dog at all times.
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times
  • As the owner of the dog, you are responsible for the cleaning up after your pet which also includes toilet duties too!
  • Don’t ever allow you dog to bark, yap or yelp
  • Make sure your dog has water at all times, especially if chained up
  • Dogs are not permitted to be left unattended within parks and campgrounds