Hughes Creek Reserve

February 5, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Close to Melbourne

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Camping Hughes Creek Reserve

Hughes Creek Reserve Victoria Australia is located in central Victoria and begins below Terip Terip at an elevation of app. 500m and ends at an elevation of 135m flowing into the Goulburn River. The Hughes Creek drops around 360m over its 70 plus km length. A total of 7 creeks and rivers flow into the Hughes Creek; the five longest tributaries are County Creek, Stewarts Creek, Ponkeen Creek, Woolshed Creek and Bunding Creek.

Hughes Creek is a large reserve located north-east of the Victorian town of Seymour. Access to Hughes Creek Reserve is from the Goulburn Valley Highway; you will find signposted access off Taracombe Road some 20 kilometres north of Seymour. Proceed South Easterly from app. 12 kms before turning right onto the road signposted ‘Dry Weather Access Only’, being Wickett Hill Road.Just under 5 kilometres along this road you will find Hughes Creek Reserve. Please note that Wicket Hill Road is a narrow winding road, and as mentioned if suitable for normal vehicles in dry weather only.