Be Prepared for Poor Weather

December 11, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Camping Tips,Latest News

camping in bad weather victoria australia

Poor Weather when Camping

To most people, the following is probably a very obvious thing to say:

If the weather is, if the weather forecast is bad – consider cancelling your camping trip! Sometimes it is simply easier, safer and makes more sense to simply stay at home! The campground will still be there in the future – there is never a good reason to risk your safety or that of your family or friends.

And sure, it will be disappointing especially if many weeks or even months has gone into preparing for the camping trip in Victoria.

Wet weather gear

When you need to move around a campsite in the rain, appropriate wet-weather gear will keep you dry and warm. That means waterproof jackets and hoods, ponchos and rubber boots – and when it comes to camping gear, you do usually get what you pay for. Make sure you have a few sets of spare clothes as well in case you do get a drenching.

Pitching Your Tent

If you do head off in perfect conditions, remember that weather in Victoria can changeable especially in more elevated or exposed areas. When you arrive at your campsite, carefully choose the best location to pitch your tent if it does happen to rain or storm. Consider where water might run, will rain pool in the indentation you set up on your tent? Stay well clear of gullies and never camp too close to river banks in case of flash flooding, noting that the water levels of rivers and streams can rise quickly in the event of heavy rain.

Good shelter

When you’re camping in the winter months in Victoria, even if the weather forecast is clear, it’s always a good idea to bring extra shelter and protection. This extra shelter can be used to provide protection for your camping gear, provide an area to cook and eat, and if there happens to be a leak in your tent you can use extra shelter as a tarp to provide a higher level of cover.

Waterproof bags

It is inevitable that at times, especially if you are camping a lot, that your camping gear will get wet. Since you don’t want wet things in your sleeping area, it is a good idea to store them in waterproof bags. So even if the forecast isn’t for wet weather, it’s a great idea to ensure dry things stay dry by storing them in waterproof bags.

Wet weather activities

Anyone who has ever been camping with small children in wet and dreary weather will know that it can be a chore to entertain the children. So, be prepared by organising a range of wet weather activities such as cards or board games, puzzles, crosswords etc,. It can also be fun to explore in the rain, so make sure raincoats, gumboots and wet weather items of clothing are always packed – kids will have a lot of fun splashing in the mud and rain!