Marysville State Forest Camping

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camping marysville state forest

Marysville is a popular visitor destination in the state of Victoria Australia and has welcomed tourists for an extended period to explore mountain vistas, fern walks and beautiful waterfalls. Marysville is a reasonable easy, 90-minute drive north-east from Melbourne, taking approximately 1.5 hours drive. The area is renowned for its lush eucalypt forests, clear streams and spectacular waterfalls. The forest provides a wide range of opportunities for recreational pursuits including bushwalking, camping, picnicking, scenic driving, mountain biking, bird watching and fishing. Camping is possible at Keppel Hut – see: camping Keppel Hut

Keppels Hut was established after on fires in the area in 1939 on a grazing lease held by John and Jerry Keppel. The hut accidentally burnt down in 1983, but was rebuilt with the help of local community groups and the Victorian government department of Land and Environment. Keppel hut was again destroyed in the Black Saturday fires of 2009 and subsequently rebuilt. At Keppel Hut you will find a toilet, picnic table, horse yards and fireplaces. Keppels Hut Tk is 4WD only and is seasonally closed (see ‘Seasonal Road Closures’ overleaf).

Marysville State Forest contains numerous walking tracks and the regularly photographed, beautiful Steavenson Falls. This area was one of the worst-affected areas during the Black Saturday fires in early 2009. Wet winters in the years since have meant that the rate of forest regeneration has been very strong, and repair works to facilities at picnic areas and campsites have been completed. Walking tracks have also been repaired and improved.

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