Camping Rubicon State Forest

November 12, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Close to Melbourne,Latest News,Rubicon State Forest

camping rubicon state forest victoria

The Rubicon Valley is a Historic Area, in the Rubicon State Forest, some 2 hours drive north east of Melbourne. The Rubicon State Forest provides excellent opportunities for camping, bushwalking,
picnicking, fishing and mountain bike riding as well as bird watching and general exploring. There are 3 camping options in the Rubicon Camping Area, Kendalls Camping Area which has 2 options and The Boys Camping Area. If you are planning to camp in the Rubicon State Forest, please note that it is not suitable for big rigs including large caravans and motorhomes. The best way to experience camping in the Rubicon Valley is tent camping. There is no cost to camp in the Rubicon State Forest at Kendalls or The Boys camping areas. Bookings can’t be made, so all camping is on a first come basis. It is important to note that with only 10 campsites available, that it can be crowded during school holidays, Easter and Christmas holidays plus long weekends.